My name is Kirsten and I am a Romance Addict…

Book Review (2)

…. on the way to another bookstore


On average, Romance books in the UK and US count for about 34% of the book market, BUT it is tough to be a Romance Reader these days.

Good old fashion sexism (mainly from women!!) is particularly mean towards Romance readers. There are countless times in my life when women have thought less of me, talked down to me, and have generally thought I am a desperate hopeless romantic who cannot possibly get a man. (all these things have been said!!)


Why do I read Romance? 

That first meeting, the sexual tension, the conflict, the love scenes (oh yes!) the turning points and the HEA… Emotional barriers are often explored, that perhaps won’t get explored in a crime or horror novel.

Why do I want to Write Romance? 

Stories stay in my head for weeks after I’ve read them. More often than not I dream about the situations the characters find themselves in and my own brain overtakes and I end up writing a plot about similar situations. i.e step-siblings falling in love, Menage trios, billionaire bad boys, London Gangsters, Alpha male Vampires etc..


You’ll also notice I love Roses and pink. I am very Mills & Boon and Barbara Cartland I’m afraid, and I won’t be apologizing for that!!

Equally, I love the spooky. Paranormal Romance has had a huge influence on my life. The Buffy & Angel Love story is one of the best ever!!

Anyway, so this blog is about Romance novels, the struggles, the highs, the lows, the screaming fits, the orgasms, the movie adaptions, and the tears of sadness, frustration, and happiness.


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