Review of Wicked Dance by Olivia Boothe

Book Review (1)


Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Page Count: 335
Series: Chronicles of a Dancing Heart, #1
Started:19th November 2017
Finished: 29th November 2017

ARC received: Yes


Wicked Dance is a Contemporary Romance about two damaged souls finding love.

Sara is an assistant working for a dance company after her dreams were crushed when she made a bad decision. She lives in fear of losing love again.

Tom Wright has made his money from real estate. He dates beautiful women without commitment. He lives in fear of getting close to someone. of hurting someone.


First things first; I loved how the author added dancing metaphors into Sara’s life. It was the first thing that caught my eye in the first chapter.

Gracefully bobbing and weaving through the morning masses in a choreographed dance, i slithered through the amplified horde of morning commuters..

I already knew that from this, I should expect an intense, well thought out novel. The first meeting between the soon to be lovers proved that I was not wrong.

There, blazing like fiery suns, and staring at me while their owner waited in line to place an order, was the most mesmerizing set of olive-coloured eyes, I had ever seen.

See?? Also, as a side note, I actually looked forward to finding out why each chapter was named as such..

After the initial meet, Olivia Boothe excels at creating tension between the two.

“I can jump you”
My saliva caught in my throat and I swallowed hard- down the wrong pipe.
“Jump me?”

Sara was very likable and she had very relate-able reactions, to both tragedy and Tom’s intense reaction to her.

Tom had Mr Grey tendencies, but to me was more justified for his sometimes cold attitude. I still wanted to hit the pair of them over their heads with my pink fluffy slippers. SORT IT OUT!
but that’s just me.

The conflict between Sara & Tom, was mainly because of each others past pain, mistrust, and misunderstandings, and there were quite a few. They reacted to situations, better than most romances I’ve known, because they were heated. They didn’t always say what they meant, they got angry, and again, it felt more realistic and intense.

“I’ll call you,” He said, his voice staid, his eyes distant. It was dismissive.

Overall, Olivia Boothe, created a realistic, tension filled romance with hot love scenes and clever imagery.. and loads of Pizza, popcorn & wine.. perfect for a night in.

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