So you wanna be a Paranormal Romance Writer??… yeah, me too…


Happy October!!

It’s been a few years since I discovered that my dream was to become a Novelist.

It’s not an easy dream, I don’t suppose really any dream is, but becoming a writer is challenging. Not only is writing a VERY competitive business but insecurities rear their ugly heads for even the most experienced of writers.

Recently, I felt I wanted to take creative writing further, and therefore signed up for Creative Writing & English Literature BA course, via the Open University.

Imagination can open any door, turn the key and let terror walk right in. – Truman Capote.

I’ve always wanted to find unusual ways to write because even though I want to be a published author, I would love to enjoy the journey. Authors from John Steinbeck to Stephen King have used Tarot cards to jump-start their creativity.

Batina Darke (2)

‘Batina Darke’, my pseudonym and will be a new section on my blog, about Creative Writing, Tarot for Writers, Paranormal & Fantasy writing and my journey into becoming a published author.

It will feature, Tarot Tips, Paranormal writing tips, general Organization tips, and tidbits I have learned from my course.

Come back on Wednesday for ‘Reasons to chose a Pseudonym and why I have..’

Thanks for Reading...

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