Harry Potter, Open University, Tarot & Halloween

downloadOpen University

Today signifies the first day of my Creative Writing Open University BA course. I am really nervous. It’s been about 14 years since I last was at school and wrote essays.

Don’t get me wrong I am also really excited. I’ve been wanting to make a big change, and focus on something studious for years, but I always figured I needed thousands of pounds to pay for tutorage/courses.

However, the OU was amazing. In the UK you can get a student loan to pay for distance learning, and only have to pay back when you have a job that is within a certain pay bracket. It has been really easy and pain-free, with every help available. I’ll be updating my experience as I go.

Harry Potter

0.41_Ravenclaw_Crest_TransparentI have been a HUGE Harry Potter fan for years, but Recently, I re-signed up for Pottermore, having previously done it so long ago. not unsurprisingly I was sorted into Ravenclaw. My love of book, learning, and reading showing through. Any other Ravenclaw’s reading this?? *waves

If you haven’t signed up for Pottermore, or not sure what it is, head over to http://www.pottermore.com. It’s an interactive website for Harry Potter fans. You can get sorted, get a Patronus (mines a field Mouse) get chose by a wand, and more recently get you sorted into Ilvermorny House – the North American version of Hogwarts.

Creative Writing

Literary Witchery is a blog that promotes creative writing.  I have been ‘Betwitched by Literature’ for a long as I can remember. Most Saturday afternoons during my childhood were spent in my local library. As I grew up I realized I wanted to write my own novel. Inspired by authors such as JK Rowling, Stephen King, Nalini Singh, Alexa Riley, Sherrilyn Kenyon, I firmly believe that it is possible to write a book; I just want to have fun whilst writing it.



I love Tarot and Oracle Cards. The rich imagery, the themes, the stories they tell… and the stories they can create. Each card can create a spark of inspiration for a character, a location, a plot hole, or even a sense or description.

Watch my Instagram ‘Batina Darke‘  for Daily Prompts for Creative Writing using Tarot & Oracle Cards.


Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Halloween fills my spooky heart with so much joy. Apples and cinnamon flavored everything, please. I have the week off work and I plan to read and Watch Harry Potter, and experiment with Butterbeer.. more to come


Thanks for Reading...

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