About Me

My name is Kirsten, and I am a 30-something Romance Reader, who loves anything Pink, graveyards, knitting, Tarot and

I’ve been reading Romance since I found the Harry Potter Fan Fiction websites when I was about 11. The rest, as they say, is history.

My ambition is to become a romance novelist, and I am currently writing my first draft (when I have time around a full-time job, studying, and blogging) of a Contemporary Romance set in London, UK.

About Literary Romance

So glad you’ve come here!! In my journey to become a novelist, I have been researching great ways to write, and I decided to share them with you. I am also currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the Open University.

My favourite type of Romance Novel is often filled with scorching HOT sex scenes and possessive Alpha Males. They are not the only thing I read, but I’m pretty sure that’s all I’m going to write.

So, whether you’ve come for the Reviews, or the Romance writing tips, Welcome, and I hope you stay a while!!